Here are several Manhattan Firearms pictorials.
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Double Cased Manhattan Navy Series III's  from my collection.

(Lots of photos and detailed information for those not bored yet!)
Inscribed, Civil War and Presentation Manhattans
High Grade Manhattans, Ivory Gripped, Cased, Engraved, etc.
Manhattan Rarities and Oddities. Pistols with special features.
My collection at the Grand Junction, Colorado Gun Show
"HERO" marked single shot pistols..."The poor man's derringer"
Waldo Nutter and his book Manhattan Firearms, Book Rarities!
A story about an inscribed Manhattan and researching it's "story"
Other People's Manhattans (Great Manhattans not in my collection)
The Manhattan Navy of H A McCaleb Col USA
The Manhattan Navy of Norm Flayderman